Hamilton Microlab NIMBUS

The Microlab NIMBUS 96 workstation is a compact, automated liquid handler specifically configured for utilizing Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-BIND® chemistry for nucleic acid purification. The system offers speed, flexibility, ease of use, and superior pipetting performance at a surprisingly affordable price. It incorporates predefined methods for processing a wide variety of sample types and is backed by Omega Bio-tek’s and Hamilton’s renowned service and applications support.

Unmatched Flexibility

DNA & RNA can be purified with minimal hands-on requirements and can easily be adapted for full or partial plate processing. Optimized programming gives you an out-of-the-box solution that allows for the successful implementation of your downstream application. Whether you are performing next-generation sequencing on clinical samples or metagenomics from rare environmental samples, Omega Bio-tek offers chemistry to fit your evolving application needs.

Unique Features

  • Air Displacement Pipetting
    Hamilton utilizes proven air displacement pipetting, similar to high precision handheld electronic pipettors.
  • Compressed O-Ring Expansion
    Compressed O-ring expansion attaches disposable tips using a highly robust lock-and-key style mechanism.
  • Liquid Level Detection
    Capacitative LLD (c-LLD) can determine liquid levels in plates and reservoirs located on the pipetting deck.

Pre-Scripted Applications

Sample typeTarget nucleic acidProductSample AmountEstimated Offline processing Online processing
Whole blood, salivagDNA Mag-BIND® Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ 96 Kit 10-250 µL5 min80 min
Buccal swabsgDNAMag-BIND® Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ 96 Kit 1 swab30 min70 min
Serum/plasmaCell-free DNAMag-BIND® cfDNA Kit 750 µL5 min80 min
Bacterial, fungal, yeast DNA, viral DNA/RNAMag-BIND® Universal Pathogen Kit10-250 µL30 min60 min
Viral DNA & RNAMag-BIND® Viral DNA/RNA Kit10-200 µL5 min60 min
Cultured cells & soft tissuesgDNA Mag-BIND® Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ 96 Kit1×106 cells
5-10 mg tissue
5 min
1-3 hr
80 min
70 min
Total RNAMag-BIND® Total RNA Kit1×106 cells
5-10 mg tissue
20 min70 min
FFPEgDNAMag-BIND® FFPE DNA Kit3-5 sections3-5 hr70 min
UrineBacterial, fungal, yeast DNA, viral DNA & RNAMag-BIND® Universal Pathogen Kit10-250 µL30 min60 min
Soil & environmental samplesBacterial, yeast, fungal DNAMag-BIND® Environmental DNA Kit250 mg45 min60 min
PCR products & next-generation sequencingFragmented DNAMag-BIND® TotalPure NGS10-50 µL5 min30 min
FecalBacterial, fungal, yeast DNA, viral DNA & RNAMag-BIND® Universal Pathogen Kit10-250 µL30 min60 min
Plant tissuegDNAMag-BIND® Plant DNA DS Kit50-100 mg50 min85 min

Software and Setup

Step 1. Input sample number & elution volume

Each predefined script can process between 1-96 samples per run. The final elution volume for each method can be set between 50-200 µL, providing flexibility to the end user for adjusting final DNA or RNA concentrations.

Step 2. Load tips & tip isolator plate

The number of samples entered in step 1 will determine how many racks of tips will be required to load onto the system deck. Each method uses the absolute minimum amount of tips to process the number of samples entered by the user to conserve tips and reduce consumable costs.

Step 3: Set up buffers in reagent reservoirs

Four-column reservoirs are used for the methods to maximize deck space. This prompt depicts the amount and location of reagents relative to the individual reservoir. The volume for each buffer is calculated based on the number of samples being processed.

Step 4: Final checklist for loading all components

This prompt provides a final overview of the deck layout and instructs the user on where to load all other components, including the starting plate, reagent reservoirs, water rinse plate, and final elution plate.

Mag-BIND® Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ 96 Kit

The Mag-BIND® Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ 96 Kit is designed for high-quality genomic DNA purification from a wide variety of sample types. Predefined Microlab NIMBUS 96 methods are available for using this kit to process whole blood, buccal swabs, tail snips, dried blood spots, tissue, and even cultured cells. E-Z 96® Spin-Out Baskets can be used in conjunction with this kit to provide a fast and convenient way to process buccal swabs and dried blood spots in a high throughput fashion.

SampleAmountYield (ug)
Saliva250 µL2.0
Whole blood250 µL6.4
Cultured cells (HEK293)1 x 10610.6
Average yield from different sample types processed on the Microlab NIMBUS 96.

Mag-BIND® Universal Pathogen Kit

The Mag-BIND® Universal Pathogen DNA Kit enables purification of high quality DNA from bacteria (Gram positive and Gram negative), fungal spores, and viral DNA/RNA, along with host genomic DNA from a whole range of samples such as tissues, urine, and feces.

  • Inhibitor-free DNA acceptable for various downstream applications
  • Ideal for downstream pathogen detection testing
  • Pre-filled glass beads in a 96-well Disruptor Plate
Extraction MethodAverage Ct
Microlab NIMBUS 9620.623.827.1
BioSprint 9620.924.027.6
Manual extraction20.623.827.3

Real-time PCR with Gram positive-specific bacterial primers performed in triplicate 1X, 10X, and 100X dilutions of DNA isolated using three different extraction methods.

Mag-BIND® Plant DNA DS 96 Kit

The Mag-BIND® Plant DNA DS 96 Kit allows rapid and reliable isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from a variety of plant species containing high amounts of polysaccharides and polyphenols. The system combines the robust lysing power of cationic detergent, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) with the rapid response of the Mag-Bind® particles to efficiently purify high-quality DNA.

  • No organic extractions
  • Robust lysis method to handle diverse plant species
  • High yield of DNA suitable for most downstream applications

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