Plasmid DNA

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Q: What is the difference between Q-spin and V-spin columns?
A: V-spin columns have an attached cap, while Q-spin columns are capless.

Q: What is the difference between Plasmid Mini Kit I and Plasmid Mini Kit II?
A: Plasmid Mini Kit I is designed for culture volumes up to 5 mL while the Plasmid Mini Kit II is designed for culture volumes between 10-15 mL. Both kits can be processed in a microcentrifuge of the vacuum manifold.

Q: What is the composition of elution buffer?
A: 10 mM Tris Hcl pH 8.5

Q: What is the largest size plasmid that can be isolated with the Plasmid Mini Kit I?
A: Tests have shown that plasmids up to 57 kb can be isolated. No modified protocol is needed; expect to warm elution buffer to 70°C and incubate for 2 minutes.

Q: What company’s vacuum manifolds are compatible with the E-Z 96® FastFilter Plasmid Mini Kit?
A: Qiagen’s QIAvac 96 and Macherey Nagel’s NucleoVac 96.

Q: Are the spin columns sold separately?
A: Yes, the product number is DNACOL-02.