Our efforts to battle the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Omega Bio-tek is assisting scientists, researchers and healthcare workers around the globe in accelerating the screening and detection of the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19. We are supporting several Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) by providing high-throughput, automated viral nucleic acid extraction methodologies. To meet the exceptional and immediate need for supplies, Omega Bio-tek created a more robust kit, Mag-Bind® Viral RNA Xpress Kit, and has the capacity to support 6 million patient tests per month. Omega Bio-tek is working alongside scientists in providing extraction technologies to expert technical and automation support in quickly establishing pathogen detection workflows to curtail the escalating spread of COVID-19.  

High Throughput Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction

High quality extraction of SARS-CoV-2 RNA

Mag-Bind® Viral RNA Xpress Kit

  • Isolation of viral RNA from swabs in viral transport media
  • Fully automatable and ready-to-load scripts for:
    – KingFisher™, BioSprint®, and MagMAX® 96:  96 samples
    – Hamilton Microlab STAR: (4×96) 384 samples in ~3 hr
    – Hamilton MagEx STARlet:  96 samples in ~1 hr 45 min.
    – Tecan Fluent Automated Workstation 1080:  384 samples ~75 min
  • Adaptable to other liquid handling platforms
  • Dedicated technical and application support to expedite setup and validation time

14 Laboratories

were granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) utilizing our viral RNA extraction kits, including QUEST DIAGNOSTICS.

OVER 18000000 

Viral RNA extractions shipped for COVID-19 testing.

Omega Bio-tek is committed to supporting laboratories and researchers worldwide to combat COVID-19. Reach out to one of our sales representatives today.

Detection of Synthetic SARS-CoV-2 virus control following RT-qPCR

Figure 1. 1×105 copies of synthetic SARSCoV-2 was spiked into a 200 μL sample containing 2000 HEK293 cells. Viral nucleic acids were extracted following the recommended protocol from Mag-Bind® Viral RNA Xpress Kit (M6219). 4 and 8 μL of template was used in a 20 μL SYBR Greenlabeled RT-qPCR reaction. The average Ct values obtained are shown on the left. The Ct difference between the two template 30.89 amounts is ~1 indicating no qPCR inhibition.

Mag-Bind® Viral RNA Xpress Kit