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Isolate viral RNA from nasopharyngeal swab specimens (dry or in VTM) using magnetic beads. (24x96 preps) No backorder. Same or next day shipping in the US and EU.


Circulating DNA

Mag-Bind® cfDNA Kit

Isolate circulating, cell-free DNA from plasma or serum using magnetic beads.

Isolate DNA from whole blood, tissue, saliva, buccal swabs, cultured cells, and mouse tail snips using magnetic beads


DNA/RNA Cleanup

Mag-Bind® TotalPure NGS

Clean-up and size selection of DNA and RNA for NGS workflows using magnetic beads


Cultured Cells and Tissue

Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA/RNA 96 Kit

Sequentially isolate DNA and RNA in two separate eluates from the same FFPE sample.  Xylene-free protocol

Cultured Cells and Tissue

E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Kit

Isolate total RNA with effective genomic DNA elimination from cultured cells & tissues using mini spin columns

Isolate up to 25 µg plasmid DNA from 1-5 mL bacterial cultures using mini spin columns

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