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The Forefront of Nucleic Acid

Since its founding in 1998, Omega Bio-Tek has been at the forefront of nucleic acid purification by offering products for clinical, academic, biotechnology, and agricultural customers. DNA and RNA extraction is the first step for downstream processes and having high-quality nucleic acids is crucial. Omega Bio-tek's goal is to offer high-quality products to improve your workflows.
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Omega Bio-tek's goal is to offer customers high-quality, convenient, and economical kits for all their nucleic acid purification needs. We offer over 900 products, which utilize silica membrane (spin columns and 96-well), salt out, and magnetic bead based technolgies to give you the best option for your purification needs.  More info


From plasmid DNA to genomic DNA to RNA isolation to DNA | RNA clean up, we will have the right nucleic acid isolation kit for your research.
Omega Bio-Tek offers a wide variety of solutions for automation and high-throughput processing., and more.
Omega Bio-Tek  provides custom life science research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and academic research institutions worldwide.  We offer a comprehensive solution on cloning, protein expression, and custom gene synthesis.